Poem by Sheikh Hamdan (Fazza) for his mother Sheikha Hind.

To my mother

For all its vast ocean, Dubai seems small
Because its sun has disappeared

Weep, Dubai`s deserts and trees
And the birds have lost their will to sing

And Zabeel, its palace darkened
Only the echo replies

And stars seek their full moon
Which will illuminate the dark black night

Oh candle and light of our house
Oh mother,with yearning, I am burning

If my verses are not enough
My sighs show my yearning

She lends her fragrance to the breeze
Scented flowers are green with envy

The heart beats with with her memory
The vision of her in my eye sleeps

My Allah bestow long life upon her 
To stay with us so long

And bring her soon from her travels
By His will she will return in good health