Ultimate guide to renting an apartment in Dubai

When initial coming back to Dubai, one amongst the primary things many of us do is decide wherever to measure. counting on wherever they're coming back from they need completely different expectations of the method. i'll arrange to provides a general guide that everybody will use!

Legal problems

In Dubai the rental contracts square measure for a set term of 1 year from the beginning date. As of nowadays (10/9/2011) there's a legal demand that obligates the owner to supply a similar terms the subsequent year, but this can be superceded by the particular terms on the contract, therefore browse browse them rigorously.

It is de jure not possible to rent an extended term lodging while not a sound residence visa. but the banks can permit you to open AN account with a letter from your company stating that the visa is beneath method. this can be somewhat a gray space, as DEWA will settle for this. If for any reason your visa doesn't happen you'll forfeit any right to cash spent on rent for the lodging.

Many landlords can solely settle for payment in one to four cheques. These cheques square measure collectible at the beginning of the contract and within the event that you just have in agreement to pay in additional then one, the others square measure post dated. this can be important because the cheques square measure a lot of then simply a technique of payment in Dubai, they're a de jure enforced  bond, and there are often serious consequences if you do not cowl the funds.

Generally there's a amount of notice at the top of a contract, among that you tell the owner whether or not or not you're staying. If you fail to allow notice, then de jure you're certain to renew on a similar terms. this can be very necessary as you do not wish to be sure into 2 contracts if you've got found a replacement place.

Only build cheques collectible to the registered owner. the sole means of checking the owner is to check the deed, or the sales contract. Either of those square measure valid proof. you'll additionally build payment to an influence of professional person (poa). during this instance it's knowing have the liliopsid genus document checked. There square measure ordinarily in Arabic, and can generally be dated and will continuously have the court stamps and stickers connected. If its a duplicate and you've got doubts,then raise to check the initial.


Everyones favorite people! there's an enormous sort of people that operate in Dubai as assets agents, reflective the final diversity of the population. These differing folks work to completely different ethics and standards, and you'll got to notice somebody you trust and square measure snug operating with. A word of warning but, most agents don't have terribly high skilled standards, and can typically not reply to emails, texts etc. There square measure others that do however they're a minortiy.

The main supply of properties in Dubai may be a web site referred to as Dubizzle.com. Most agents in Dubai can place there properties on there on a commonplace. a vital distinction in Dubai as critical the united kingdom is that there's no sole agency system in Dubai. A property owner will as can offer his property to several completely different agents. This ends up in issues once making an attempt to arrnage viewings, because it isn't uncommon to look at a similar property with completely different agents. it's additionally fairly common for AN agent to send a shopper on to a property while not about to meet them. This ends up in any problems like doors being secured, or walking in on people that have simply touched in. so as to avoid these occurances there square measure many steps you'll take, like booking viewings daily prior to, ANd reconfirming an hour before you go. raise WHO you're about to be meeting, and where. try and make sure that apartment/villa you're about to see and check you haven't seen it already. If you discover AN lodging you prefer, solely place the provide through the agent WHO showed you it. By buying an improved value through a special agent, the owner can assume that there square measure many interested parties and can be firmer on his value. additionally {try to|attempt to|try ANd} solely see properties that an agent has direct, as if there square measure a lot of agents invloved they'll try and charge a lot of commisssion to create it worthy.

The agent is to blame for arrangement all the paper work, and drawing contracts. Before delivering any cash you ought to see all the possession documents, and additionally confirm that the agent is registered with RERA, because it is prohibited to cope with AN unauthorised free lance agent. {try to|attempt to|try ANd} do the paper add their workplace and ne'er build rent cheques collectible to an agent unless they need a sound liliopsid genus. Check the liliopsid genus with the court if the agent is saying to be the liliopsid genus.


Almost as fashionable as agents! each property in Dubai must have DEWA connected. Dubai electrical and Water is strictly that. On high of the particular quantity of every that you just use you'll even be chargeable for a housing fee. this can be basically a tax collected through DEWA. the number is five-hitter of the overall rent for the year, split into monthly payments. you'll pay DEWA on-line, at fuel stations, or a range of different places.

If you reside in AN lodging, counting on the realm you'll even have a excitation fee. this can be wherever the AC is centralised and charged per lodging. All of the Palm and JBR is like this, as square measure some towers on the dock and Downtown. you would like to envision what proportion this fee is because it are often shivery, and build an inexpensive lodging seem like less of a discount.

Depending on wherever the property is determines WHO the service provider is for TV, interent and line. it'll be either Du or Etisalat, and there's no selection within the matter. they're each fairly costly, and confirm you decide on the package you would like within the starting as ever-changing it's heartbreakingly tough.

Gas provide changes from building to putting together, with most simply being an easy canister arrangement, however check once you square measure viewing a property that you just assume you'll like.


Difficult one this, and that i can solely provides a terribly transient summary.

Arabian ranches

Very popular with families. vary from two bed townhouses to six bed Hattan villas. costs from regarding 75k to 340k


Very popular with everybody. Bit noisy, massively variable quality within the completely different towers. keep on with developments by Emaar, Cayan, shaft and you'll notice a pleasant lodging. If you're a much bigger family or have a much bigger budget then the initial vi is perhaps the most effective development.


Possibly the most effective place to measure in Dubai! (I am biased!) sensible mixture of villas and flats. All a bit larger then the norm within the dock. Goes from with modesty priced to terribly costly. Contact ME for specific data.


This covers all the large towers of Shiekh Zayed and every one the Emaar space around Dubai Mall. highly regarded place, just like the dock however presumably higher siuated with a lot of amenities. DIFC is extremely shut ANd is an coming space of Dubai


Good mixture of lower priced flats, and once more a part that's up daily, with the event being finished and retailers and ameninites putting in place there.


Very nice lower priced family space with a pleasant mixture of retailers and facilities, and low and high rise flats.

Al Barsha

Not an enormous fan myself, however near the Mall Of Emirates and every one the attendant facilities. sensible liks to the railway line in addition.

Diera/Bur Dubai

The older a part of Dubai. lots less western then the opposite areas mentioned, however no worse for it. huge diversity of flats and villas, and you'd got to supply a specialist too guide you thru.

Jumeirah/Umm Sequim

Ranges from exclusive to unsound, and once more a part that specialist agents have created their own. supply a decent one and be radio-controlled


Cheap and cheerful housing, larger than several different areas mentioned, however many pitfalls. massive components of this space square measure directly beneath the flightpath of DXB, and it are often terribly clattery. The villas square measure independantly owned  and maintenance are often hit and miss.


I am not an admirer of this development the least bit, however there square measure positives, like easy accessibility to the retailers bars and restaurants, and after all the beach, however the flats square measure dark, with small balconies, and funny layouts
General tips

The standard of finishing in Dubai isn't continuously as you'd hope and expect for such a replacement place. stepping into a greenhorn building is usually a chance, as there square measure nightmare stories that I even have encountered. Be ready to possess to attend substantial quantity of your time to possess issues corrected.

When beginning a replacement lease it's honest to expect it to be painted anew, however confirm you request it. it's additionally understood that you just can repaint once going. This quantity will and is subtracted from the protection deposit at the top of the abidance.

This is all I will consider at the instant, however i'll boost it as I bear in mind different stuff, and that i hope it helps some folks through the process!