What is it you want from me? By Fazzaa

I am like an orphan, longing to see his mother for years,
And his father died from frustration,
Didn’t get to see them even for a glance,
And the sadness is deep to the bone,
his tears keep falling when the musicians sings,
While the musicians are singing from happiness,
They asked him ”what you wish for?”
That’s if wishing has any advantages for orphans.
You, with the perfect and rare qualities,
That is what I feel when you leave me,
How am I supposed to accept the solace of your absence?
When I see my haters come and congrats you?
When the abandonment, longing and sadness are cruel
I wish you would surround me with kindness,
I will fully satisfy you with my art.
I kept wishing that you were here with me, but that changed when you took so long to come back.

If it was your fault I forgive you now.
And if it was mine, what do you want from me?