[R.I.P.] Paul Walker - (Fast & Furious)

the shocking news earlier this evening that actor Paul Walker, best known for his roles in all but the third "Fast and Furious" movie, was in a fiery car crash (unrelated to the shooting of Fast and Furious 7) that killed him and one other passenger.

Walker was reportedly taking friends for test rides in his new Porsche GT in Santa Clarita, when the driver lost control and slammed into a tree that sent the car bursting into flames, killing Walker and one other passenger. It's still unclear who was driving at the time.

Others who worked with the model-handsome star said that he loved surfing, loved his daughter Meadow, and that he was an animal lover. Despite his financial success from the Fast & The Furious franchise, Walker lived a relatively modest and simple life and did not get caught up in the trappings of being a movie star. He was a likeable young man who was devoted to his family. His full name was Paul Walker IV, and his father, grandfather and great grandfather all bore the same name.